The reactivity of a close-knit independent structure: our consultants are at your service to understand and analyse your needs, and adapt to your expectations. LDS offers you a broad choice of resources, of venues, and of prices.

Personalised accompaniment

Our constant goal is to adapt our resources to your project, in order to offer you a varied, innovative and dynamic teaching programme. LDS provides you with the optimal solutions to respect your goals, your deadlines, your constraints and your budget.

Flexibility and dynamism

We offer you:

Tailored teaching programmes

A single point of contact

A network of language trainers covering the whole of France

Structured organisation

We guarantee you:

Fully trained, professional tutors

Traditional methods combined with the latest technological innovations

The continuity of your language training

Our services

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Language training

Through its national and international network, LDS Easy Langues organises language training courses essentially aimed at companies, enabling you to study from a choice of more than 15 languages, delivered either directly on your company site or in one of our language training centres. You progress at your own pace, based on your availability and objectives.

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We offer translation in all fields in more than 25 languages, undertaken by our team of native language translators. Thanks to our nationwide network, we are able to offer you specialised translators in your specific field of activity. LDS is your guarantee of top quality results, whatever your field of activity: technical, commercial and general translations, websites, sworn translations etc.

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THE TELEPHONE INTERPRETER is a unique and unprecedented service in France, developed by LDS since 1989, offering you the possibility of a simultaneous interpreting service in more than 73 languages; Whether face-to-face or over the telephone, we provide you with an instantaneous interpreting service. Our innovative Telephone Interpreter service enables you to communicate effectively in real time with your foreign correspondent via teleconferencing without you having to travel.

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Language study abroad

Specialists in language study abroad, LDS has chosen to focus on quality and genuine immersion. We offer you both the very best language schools and the very best destinations in England, the USA, Malta, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, Poland etc., enabling you to achieve your language goals whether in English or another foreign language. LDS provides effective, fulfilling, high-quality and affordable language study trips, as well as enriching cultural and personal experiences.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding our services, simply complete our information request form:

Study a foreign language with LDS

An efficient and flexible language training organisation

Thanks to its national and international network, LDS is a foreign language training organisation aimed essentially at companies that enables students to study more than 15 languages, either on their own company site or in one of our language training centres.

You progress at your own pace, based on your availability and objectives. LDS works with language tutors working exclusively in their own native language. This is particularly important for the oral aspect of language study, helping students to rapidly become accustomed to hearing and understanding their language of choice.

Language study programmes abroad are available, enabling you to progress even faster.

The courses operate in a number of different ways, and they can be organised through the DIF (Right to Training) programme if you are in employment, which is a valuable plus. Whatever the reason for wanting to begin learning a new foreign language or brush up existing language skills, whether for personal enrichment or out of professional necessity, our students all have the opportunity to measure their progress and to learn in both an enjoyable and effective manner.

LDS, a diverse and varied language training centre

The way in which languages are taught at our language training centre is original, since we offer a broad range of teaching methods.

Teaching is available both to groups and to individuals; it is even possible to study languages over the telephone for short half-hour periods, with a range of flexible time slots. Students can also choose to blend face-to-face learning with telephone study and eLearning.

This language training may be supplemented with study in the home country of the language studied in order accelerate learning even further.

Everything is done to ensure that students make rapid progress, enabling them to express themselves correctly and effectively in their chosen language.

More than 15 languages are taught at this centre:

The classic languages, German, Italian, Spanish, English, American English, as well as a range of common modern languages including Russian, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Greek etc.